Basundi/ Condensed Milk Pudding – Relish The Bite Jan 20, 2020 - Basundi is an Indian dessert made by thickening full fat milk and flavouring it with saffron, cardamom with the addition of dry fruits. Full fat milk is ideal for this basundi recipe. Valentine’s day is around the corner, i thought of sharing this awesome sweet. When I was in Pg accommodation we tried this recipe .Boil 1 liter of milk, let it cool down. Cardamom flavoured basundi tastes best and can be eaten anytime. I have been getting so many request to share this recipe in my blog. You can add milk powder too. It is loaded with very popular Indian dessert basundi (homemade evaporated milk), condensed milk and whipping cream with nuts cardamom and saffron!! You can also use skim or low-fat milk, but it won’t give the same results. Basundi recipe (with milk powder) is a sweet condensed milk recipe that comes from India. Basundi is made during festivals and other special occasions. It makes a simple sweet for any special occasion. You’ll need 1 can (14oz) of condensed milk for 5 cups of milk. Add 1 cup of milk powder and 1 cup of condensed milk or fresh cream to it. Of course, full fat works the best, but the others work as well. Few tips from my end before you start : Vary the amount of dry fruits and nuts, cardamom and saffron as per your taste. add the amount of milk as per your taste.) Traditionally Basundi is served in small earthen pots called 'Kulhar'. but the milk basundi is hugely popular in gujarat, maharashtra and karnataka where it is served chilled with mixed nuts. If you use condensed milk instead of sugar, then the time is much less. When basundi made with condensed milk it takes less time compared to the authentic method. Basundi Recie | How to prepare Basundi | No Condensed Milk Basundi with step by step pictures and video. Coming back to basundi, the recipe below is very flexible one. In milk is cooked slowly until the milk becomes thicker Basundi is one of the best way to end a scrumptious meal. Basundi is a creamy sweetened milk which is nothing but a condensed milk with added sweetner , flavoured with cardamom,nutmeg,saffron strands and garnished with nuts. so good enough for occasions like navratri, dussehra or diwali,… It can be made for any festival occasions. 11. Oct 19, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Almeena. One of the popular desserts in western India. If you use milk powder and condensed milk together, milk will thicken up more quickly. Traditional basundi -a classic Indian milk dessert Indian desserts popularly have a name for being decadently sweet, deliciously spiced and overall time-consuming. Keep in mind that basundi with thicken a little more while cooling. It is made with milk, nuts, saffron. Add sugar and boil again. Super moist basundi cake is an Indian flavored Tres Leches Cake. Gujarati basundi is a rich and delicious dessert of thickened milk, very similar to the North Indian rabdi. Basundi (Rabri) Recipe (A Nutty Condensed Milk Pudding) March 7, 2015 Basundi also known as Rabri in some parts of India is a creamy rich dessert, is prepared especially during the festivities of Kali Chaudas and just about every small function or a party. Nov 1, 2018 - Basundi is an Indian dessert made by thickening full fat milk and flavouring it with saffron, cardamom with the addition of dry fruits. Cardamom powder - Freshly ground cardamom seeds makes the Basundi very flavorful. Sugar may also be substituted in place of condensed milk. Basundi, an Indian flavored evaporated milk, is one of the very popular and delicate Indian desserts! In my family, we usually made basundi on Navratri, Diwali, and dashera. In a heavy bottom pan, add high-fat milk and keep it on a medium flame. It took around 45 minutes on a low flame for me for the milk to get thickened. Stir well. Traditionally basundi is made by simmering milk for a long time until the milk reduces to almost half the original quantity. Method: 1. And then add flavorings and nuts. Make sure the size of the pot is twice bigger, to avoid any spills. Basundi is a creamy and rich milk-based dessert. The consistency of basundi is a one-step thicker to condensed milk. It is that part of being slow and cooking that bring about the flavours and the aroma characteristic to it. Saffron threads - Gives a beautiful color to the Basundhi. Almonds and pistachios add crunch to this creamy sweet. Add saffron milk, nutmeg powder, chopped nuts and cardamom powder. moreover, it is also confused with the other popular milk-based dessert i.e rabdi or rabri recipe. Adjust the sweetness as per taste, you can always add more condensed milk later. Simmer the milk for another 25-30 minutes. Roast khoya well and add it in boiling milk. milk based desserts are a very popular recipe in india. 125 gm khoya is enough for 1/2 liter milk. Discover (and save!) Basundi is similar to the recipe of the north Indian rabri recipe. Ingredients-1 liter High Fat milk 200 grams or 1 cup Sugar 2 tsp cardamom powder 10-12 Saffron strands Sliced Almonds to garnish. Basundi recipe is easy to make a dessert with very few ingredients. Recipe of Kesar Basundi / Saffron Condensed Milk. Basundi is an easy and delicious milk sweet flavored with cardamom and crunchy nuts. Cook the milk to a desired consistency. Here is an easy video recipe for basundi. One of the popular desserts in western India. This quantity will make about 8 servings. 1 cup milk powder in enough for 1/2 liter milk. Just the few ingredients and we get the delicious basundi. Saffron – Add in a little saffron, to add that beautiful hint of yellow colour.. Sugar – You can adjust the amount of sugar as per your taste. The milk or cream gets collected at the sides and top scrape it every 5 minutes and add it to the mixture. Basundi Recipe is one of the popular Indian sweet recipes in which a mixture of full-fat milk and condensed milk slowly cooked until it gets thickens, flavored with some cardamom powder and saffron and garnish with some chopped dried fruits is one of the popular sweet recipes in India. Easy basundi recipe with photos and video. While making basundi on a stove top, use a heavy wide bottom pot. My family loves it a little extra sweet so I have used 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and 4 1/2 cups of full fat milk. So keep the consistency accordingly. Gujarati basundi can be served warm or chilled and tastes amazing with piping hot, deep-fried puris and Undhiyu. but there is a slight difference between these 2 recipes. You can be able to make the Busundi from roughly 20 minutes to 25 minutes. The flavour comes from nuts and condensed milk. Its a easy to make recipe but little time consuming. Basundi is usually served along with Puri or serve it as a dessert. basically, the texture and consistency differ from each other. Basundi recipe is simple to make at home with only a few ingredients. But in this recipe, I share a quick basundi recipe using homemade condensed milk. this milk based dessert is popular in the western part of india, specially in the states maharashtra and gujarat. Quick basundi is already. You can add any dry fruits and nuts you love. I have added 200 ml sweetened condensed milk for 3 cups milk. This Indian style Sweetened Condensed milk recipe is made by reducing milk followed by flavouring it with spices like Cardamom, Saffron and garnished with dry fruits. In this recipe, bread pieces are shallow fried (toasted) to reduce the calorie and condensed milk and grated paneer are used to make the rich and creamy rabri. Basundi is a time-consuming recipe; it takes 1 to 1.30 hours to make. Easy Indian Sweet Recipe: Basundi is a famous India milk sweet. Easy basundi recipe with photos and video. Combine both and simmer for around 20 minutes on low heat. You can just use 4 cups milk and increase sugar by another 1/4 cup if you want skip condensed milk. The consistency of basundi is like that of condensed milk. You can make this recipe when u want to make a quick dessert . Remember to keep scraping the sides of the vessel when cooking. Basudi is nothing but a reduced milk with lots of sugar and nuts in it. 2. Ingredients:-400 gms sweetened condensed milk, 1 tin ( i used amul mithai mate) 4 to 5 cups full fat milk, 1 to 1.25 litres full fat milk ( you can adjust the amount of milk from 4 cups to 5 cups or more depending on the sweetness of the condensed milk. To make Basundi, other milk desserts such as pice or custard does not take much time. It is easy and simple to make at home by boiling and condensing the milk over low heat. your own Pins on Pinterest It makes this dessert very creamy and rich. ! Basundi is a tasty & creamy dessert basically prepared with Milk - reduced, sweetened and flavoured. Basundi recipe, how to make basundi | quick basundi recipe Basundi is sweet thickened milk, flavored with cardamom and nutmeg, with the addition of dry fruits. How to make basundi with condensed milk? Basundi recipe using evaporated milk; This is also a quick recipe. In Gujarat, Basundi is served with Pooris. Milk - I have made Basundi with full fat milk and 2 % fat milk and also a combination of both. If you like your basundi very creamy and smooth, just blend it in a blender before adding the nuts for a … Reduce milk on medium heat only. Milk – I always opt for whole or full-fat milk to make Basundi as it gives the best creamy and rich results. There are many benefits to making Basundi at different events. This is a easy recipe which can be served to family and friends during gatherings and festivals. Sugar - I use white sugar for this.