Thanks for all the advice! Feb 19, 2020 - Sedum Morganianum-Donkey's Tail Care and Propagation Sedum Morganianum-Donkey's Tail with lime g What is your opinion? So yes, start spraying them now. I can only recommend shopping from Amazon as sellers on Amazon offer a full refund in case the plant is delivered damaged or the package doesn’t contain the promised products and items.. I just moved to a new home & brought quite a few succulent cuttings with me so I’ll be doing a video of that little planting project soon. Hope that helps! Need a quick tip on how to propagate succulents without feeling defeated? Hope that helps, Nell. How much water is it getting? Silly question. Propagating burros tail. Hello, I live in Canada so it will be a houseplant, do you think it would be ok in a west facing window or is that too much direct light? Let it dry out (you may need to repot it), then water every 10-14 days at the most. Hi Kathy – Sounds like you have a pork n beans sedum or Sedum rubrotinctum. Close. Vicki – You’re most welcome, & … Thank you soooo much! , Hi Andy – Thumbs which are brown can slowly turn green. Nell. Back off on the watering, maybe every 2-3 weeks. Keep it on the dry side. Burro’s Tail really isn’t susceptible to a wide range of insects. 1 comment. This sedum is one handsome succulent. Your email address will not be published. Keep it that way. I’d recommend you do a little more digging around to confirm this. Burro’s Tail Leaves fall off so easily & I usually loose quite a few when transplanting. Propagation. As the braids are not very long (most are missing a couple inches of leaves at the base, although some are very tight and in great shape — even flowering! Once winter sets in, the plant can divide and produce extra plants out of the unique set of leaves, leaving the previous set to shrivel completely. Some people confuse symptoms of overwatering with under watering. Or do the leaves fall off and produce new plants in the planter? I bought my burros tail on a website about 2 months ago and it arrived all healthy and well, it was so beautiful. Propagating from leaves is the easiest. I really look forward to get it like yours they are beautiful! Today, pulled up & transplanted 2 stems with roots so now have room to check dampness to mid-depth of pot. Pressed a tightly rolled paper towel down the side & soaked up excess. Nell. I can’t figure it out. CLICK HERE to buy! Any suggestions? Does anyone have tips for propagating burros tail specifically? For a little while some of them had white spots on the leaves, but I cut off all stems that seemed affected and there are none left. After a few days, the propagated leaves will start to sprout. Hi Jen – You’re welcome! It stores water in the leaves, stems & roots so you should only water it when dry. It will rot out if you do. It’s not looks healthy enough…it’s in a south facing window (maybe should move to east?) They are pretty massive and I keep it trimmed by giving cuttings (or making new pots of donkey tail plants) to give away (it hangs about 4-5 feet long in a protected area under a east-facing eave. You could even cut off the trails now & lay them on top of the plant just for the transport. First off. I got my Burro’s Tail about a month ago, and I’ve only watered it once and have kept it in indirect sunlight but the part of the stem once it comes out of the dirt is drying up, yet the rest of the plant looks completely fine and healthy. Thanks for your help. Archived. I have tried multiple times and my leaves keep shriveling up and dying. Be sure to rotate the plant so it gets light evenly. It features big pointy leaves like those you see on echeverias, but they grow on draping stems to create an extra chunky looking burro’s tail … HELP. Burro’s tail – Also called Sedum morganianum, Burro’s tail can be propagated from their leaves. Pruning & Propagating My Burro’s Tail Succulent: Tools You Need. Nell. It’s best grown in a hanging basket, in a large pot like mine, in a pot that hangs against a wall or trailing out of a rock garden. Also, this month I’ll be releasing my latest Youtube video covering this exact subject so you can see the visual tutorial as well. Check out our recent article about 5 tips and tricks for propgating succulents! Identifying succulents can sometimes be confusing – Hens & chicks for instance all under 3 genus’. Give it lots of bright light, fertilize it only once a year & keep it on the dry side – your Burro’s Tail should do just fine! There’s no real trick to doing it but just be as gentle as you can when handling the plant. The current tails are about 3′ long. It’s very informative,, I really like that I can ask a question concerning my donkey tail. If they do break, let them callous over at the end and then plant in a seed starting mixture. While the stems are healing off, you want to keep them in bright light but not in direct sunlight. After 2 months have passed, your cuttings should be rooted. My grandmother just gave me a handful of the leaves that had fallen off of her burros tail. Thank you Barbara-Jean! It will form a callous where the roots are grown. That being said, I have seen a few growing upwards so it may be a varietal or even a genus difference. Having read your blog I see where I may have been going wrong but would still like some advise about transplanting. I inherited the mother plant from a friend who moved. Just don’t let it touch hot or cold glass. Image:0293197 - Stock photo from GAP Gardens, garden & plant photography Posted by 2 years ago. Hi! FINALLY — If you’re ready to be a Burro’s Tail parent, but don’t have a plant to start propogating with, I’ve got you covered! I took lots of cuttings though! Nell. It blooms often and is in a secluded spot where it doesn’t get direct sun and since it is windy here in Fairfield California it is protected. February 2019. I just bought a Burro’s Tail plant today and made my own hanging planter!! You want to use succulent & cacti mix because they need to have excellent drainage. The water needs to drain out of it fast so it’s best to use a mix specially formulated for cactus and succulents. Be gentle when doing so since the plant is fairly brittle. A year ago i bought one it had just 2 little tails, it hasn’t grown at all, Is it an slow growing plant? I am wanting to transplant it into a heavier hanging pot, but as you mentioned earlier….just touching the tails the leaves fall off. In this post, I’m going to tell you how I care for and propagate my Sedum morganianum or Burro’s Tail, Donkey’s Tail or Horse’s Tail. I love it. I’ve grown mine indoors (live in a cold climate) and some of the tails are (were) 5 feet long until my husband accidentally knocked it over. Hi Janelle – You’re welcome! It is rare to see blooms on an indoor growing Burros Tail. I have tried to let the soil dry out and then the leaves shrivel and drop. I have two more leaves in the process of growing at the moment. Happy Spring to you, Nell. A. It is commonly sold as an indoor hanging plant. I have tried multiple times and my leaves keep shriveling up and dying. Burro’s tail is not toxic to dogs, cats, or people. It’s crazy. Nell. Hi Jo – I love my Burro’s Tail but every time I touch it, some of those leaves fall off. I really enjoy reading your blog! Thank you in advance for any advice! Can you see the stem exposed between those plump little leaves? Get new plants for free by propagating sedum morganianum from leaf or stem cuttings. Jun 6, 2019 - grow burros tail succulent from leaf cuttings. They were quick to sprout but their growth has plateaued at the size of an eraser, for the last several months. We occasionally dip into the thirties but not for more than a couple of days. it hangs pot is about 7 inches across and about 5 inches deep, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you , Hi Shaun – I had to cut my Burro’s Tail Back last fall because it was getting rangy. I started from several cuttings, I have 5 ,all growing well. 5 Tips for Propagating Succulents. Finally what would the recommendation be for water, a light misting everyday? This plant grows by trailing stems with overlapping juicy leaves. As for humans, I’m not 100% sure but I think I remember reading somewhere that it’s safe. Burro’s Tail Cuttings. OH! Here are the most common reasons (including 1 you mentioned) that leaves fall off of a Burro’s Tail Sedum: 1) mechanical damage – a person or animal has brushed them. This plant comes under the category of succulent plants such as Manfreda, Jovibarba, and Duvalia. All those leaves store water so be sure not to overwater it. I do it when they’re getting too long or when I want to stimulate new growth at the top. Jun 26, 2018 - Tips on donkey tail plant care, Burros Tail, makes a beautiful hanging succulent basket or potted plant. When I purchased a donkey tail succulent, I repotted it. they haven’t grown any either. You know that I’m here for you. Depending on the temperature and light in your home, a thorough watering once a month will probably be enough. Sounds like the light might be the issue. Hi Nell, Thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom and pic’s of your succulents! Sounds like it might have gotten too wet at some point. Also, it’s best to not keep them anyplace hot. Best, Nell, Hi John – You never want to root succulents in water because they’ll rot out. We just get too much rain here. Best, Nell, Hi Nell! In a few weeks or months, roots will gradually show up. I may have “found” a piece of a Burros tail succulent at the Disneyland... And it’s been sitting in a cup of water for like a month and half, has roots. In terms of care, a Burro’s Tail couldn’t be easier. Hello! If you want to multiply your burro’s tail, you can easily do so through stem tip cuttings and leaf cuttings. It will get plenty of light. If it’s top dressed with rocks, that keeps the soil moisture in. Or is it normal? HELP. Propagating Burro’s Tail. 3. Hi Joni – Yes, you are correct correct to think that. Give it bright light (but no hot sun) & go easy on the water & you’ll keep it going for many more years. In winter, back off because the plant needs to rest. My Burro’s Tail Sedums are looking great this year too. Place your cutting (or cuttings) into cactus/succulent soil (I like EB Stone’s Cactus Mix) and bury the stem, press down on the soil around the stem to create a nice, firm and supported spot for it to begin growing roots and a new root structure to keep it strong. I’m babysitting it for my son in law who was given it by his deceased grandmother. Plants can recover easier from under watering as opposed to over watering (especially with succulents). Try moving it to a better light position. It takes a little while for those new plants to form so be patient. Hi Lenore – 43 years, now that’s longevity! Some other closely related Sedum varieties may also be known by any of these names. Similarly, you can wait for your burro’s tail to drop some leaves, which it does every so often. I was wondering if this is what you do as well. Leave the dropped leaves out of water and soil for a few days for them to harden at the bottom. I’m not sure what zone you are but I can tell you this: it’s hardy in zones 9 & 10. 3) over watering or under watering – either will cause it. I started putting it by a skylight window where it gets lots of sun all day. Does it have a stem that has some leaf loss? Here are things to know about pruning & propagating a burro's tail succulent. But now the leaves are all starting to shrivel. When it comes time to propagate Burro’s Tail succulent you’ll find it simple to do. I live in Saskatchewan and they were inside all the time for the first year, I put them out doors this summer and still nothing changed. Hi Melissa – When fleshy succulents loose leaves, it’s usually 1 of 3 things: mechanical damage, light (not enough or too much hot sun) or watering (usually too much). Propagating, rooting and starting the burro’s tail and sedum plants, in general, could not be easier. I had it outside in a very shaded area, but moved it to a more sunny area after noticing that it is not doing well. Hi Jennifer – I take Burro’s Tail cuttings which are at least 4-5″ long. I think the wind got too much for it while I was not at home. My biggest concern is GETTING it there! Hope that helps! Then insert into fresh, nutrient-rich soil and resume normal care. Be sure to have a small plate or bowl nearby to catch fallen leaves (more on that in a minute). Thank you! Am I over watering? What am I doing wrong? The reason the leaves fall off easily is that in nature they simply fall to the ground, take root and grow up tas brand-new plants. What mix should I use and should I fill the new pot half way and try to extracate the burro with as much of the existing soil as possible or shake it off? Thanks again! This pest quite commonly feeds on Burro’s Tail. Be prepared to loose leaves when you transplant it – this is not due to shock but because they fall off easily. The soil seems to be good draining soil, the top has rocks/shards on it so it makes it difficult to stick my finger in and check the soil. propagating burro’s tail, it is important that you allow the cutting to You do this by sitting the cutting in the soil. Ive had one of these for about two years. . Once rooted, plant in cactus and succulent potting soil. H Carole – Oh the pressure of babysitting plants! Mine happily resides in a large square terra cotta pot with my now 5-year-old Coleus “Dipped In Wine” (yes, they’re technically perennials) and a Golden Weeping Variegated Boxwood which I brought home from Kew Gardens as a wee cutting. They like to grow a bit tight in their pots. Simply lay the leaves on top of your cactus & succulent mix & they’ll root in. Should they be left in the water to root? I have had no luck at all when it comes to propagating Sedum Morganianum from the leaf "buds". Propagating will also make numerous starts to share with friends and family or spread around the garden. This plant eventually grows to 4′ long which will take around 6 years or so. Burro’s tail features long stems laden with small, rounded leaves. Nell. If you can help me with any comment or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! I’ve seen Burro’s Tails in fairly small pots with 3′ trails & they were doing fine. I water all of them no more than every three weeks. Plants will be sent bare rooted - plants have established thick roots but minimal fine roots. I may have “found” a piece of a Burros tail succulent at the Disneyland... And it’s been sitting in a cup of water for like a month and half, has roots. Nell. Do you know if that from the fungus or bugs? . I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s passing but she was certainly doing something right. Nell, Hi Dianne – You’re very welcome! I can’t get my Burros tail to propagate and it’s killing me! You can go up to a 10″ pot or larger if you’d like. The braids are NOT compact like your little beauties. I really just love the tonic created by Mountain Organics Botanicals exclusively for my shop! Hi Tara – I love my succulents & they do so well because I live in a climate where they grow outdoors in the conditions they love. You can find your very own little burro baby in my store that will be hand-packaged and sent with love your way. Simply pluck a few leaves from the burro’s tail stem and place them in moist soil. Make sure you have the end which came off the plant touching or lightly pressed into the soil. If it’s 5-10′ away from the west window it would be fine. Be well. Now I’m rambling! Your Burro’s Tail would love a bit of that too. See item details . Hi Ann – Glad you found us! Propagating some burro's tail and I've heard many different wait times for the callousing of the leaves or cuttings... Also, I've been laying them flat, opposed to digging them into the soil, is that best? In the growing season, when the days are warmer and longer, I water it more often every 9-11 days. Now that I have your direction, I’m not so afraid to snip my plants. Yes, it’s being watering way too much. I have small grow light tubes for light in house Thank You Joanni, Hi Joanni – I’m not familiar with VV winter temps but I can tell you that my Burro’s Tails lived outdoors year round in Santa Barbara. Cut a 3-inch piece from the end of one of the donkey tail branches during the growing season from spring through summer, cutting through some of the leaves if necessary, using clean pruning shears. I put it inside under a dome where’s good light all day, but the leaves started to dry out. They’re also indegenous to that region. 1. I prefer to keep the pot size in scale with the plant I’m transplanting. I live in Montana and have had burro’s tail for years and it thrives as far as growth but never blooms. Besides, we all start somewhere! I’m having an issue with my burro’s tail and im not quite sure whats going on. Thanks for the comment! Neem Oil, which works on a wide range of insects, is an organic method of control that is simple and very effective. Asked by Ida Meyer on August 10, 2017 H8R3G5. In the video below I am in my front yard showing you my Burro’s Tail Plant: This post may contain affiliate links. My Burro’s Tail cuttings are healing off. Yes, succulents do become an obsession but on the grand scale of things, they’re a healthy obsession. PETS. The bare stems will never fill in, but if you pinch a bit on a few stems, new growth will appear at the top. You might have to move it in the wintertime as the sun shifts to a place where the light is brighter. At this stage, refrain from misting too much because the cutting may develop new plants before roots start to shoot. Can the stems be restored or would I be best off taking some of the leaves and putting them into my new pot and starting over. Nell. The donkey's tail succulent (Sedum morganianum) is a popular and easy-to-grow trailing succulent with rows of fleshy, tear-dropped shaped leaves. It's been approximately 2 weeks and only one of the many leaves have started to sprout with mini leaves/roots. Burro’s tail, or sedum morganianum, is one of the most adorable potted succulents to take on the houseplant world. Sorry if this sounds daft but I’m a real newby at this. I’m tickled pink to have you here! Nell. This type of leaf separation happens for two reasons, either the sedum isn’t getting enough light so it is reaching and stretching towards the sun, or the plant has been bumped and the leaves have fallen off. Hi Rachel – Hi Katie – Thanks so much for stopping by! The plant would appreciate having some new soil but you don’t want to loose too many leaves so tap the existing soil off gently. Thanks to stumbling onto your site I now have the knowledge I need to make this plant explode. Also, they like to be on the dry side & knowing you’re in Florida, it may have gotten too wet, especially if the mix is too heavy. I just purchased a small burros tail plant and I have a history of under watering and over watering my succulents. Conclusion. Rooting them in water will rot them out. The hanging succulent you seeing me transplanting is a Burro’s Tail Sedum which is one that the leaves fall off of simply by touching it. Thx much! Nell. True to its name, this low light succulent does resemble a braided tail, as it cascades in an overlapping pattern from hanging pots or the edge of a balcony. The Donkey’s Tail, also Burro’s Tail or Sedum morganianum (botanical name), is an ideal addition for its iconic leaves. Aug 13, 2019 - If you learnt anything new, or would like to see another propagation video, let me know in the comments and I'll try to get it up for you! Gather the leaves and insert them partway into a moist soilless medium.Burro’s tail plants can tolerate periods of drought, but the new potential plants need to be kept lightly moist until they root and establish.Propagating burro’s tail will ensure multiple enough of this versatile plant to play with and apply to many different indoor or outdoor landscaping situations. Question: Why does it loose leaves without reason? It comes securely packed and delivers at your home in just a few days. In the winter when you have less sun up north, it would be fine. Hi Nell, I recently purchased a sedum morganianum on-line and it arrived very healthy and in a 6″ pot. Jun 6, 2019 - grow burros tail succulent from leaf cuttings. It is currently in a six inch clay pot and the spindly trails are about six inches long and have not grown in the year that I have had it. I’m so honored and happy to help you create a thriving Sacred Space. I just got my first burrows tail, however my leaves are rounded, not pointed so maybe it’s a baby burros tail? There’s a bunch of healthy looking new growth starting all over the pot, but the established plant isn’t doing well at all! Winter lows were generally around 40 degrees but it could dip into the high 30’s. Or, you can add. Let them heel over, or air dry, for at least 2 weeks before planting. Burro’s Tail really isn’t susceptible to a wide range of insects. If you want to know more on this subject, I’ve done an entire, It is commonly sold as an indoor hanging plant. Be sure to let your cuttings heal over for 1-5 days before planting. Burro’s Tail Sedum is native to Mexico & Honduras so it does bet in a dry climate (like Santa Barbara, CA where I am). hide. I have propagated other succulents, normally just tear the leaf off, wait for it to root, then mist with water everyday. Hi Nell , I am wanting to plant Burro’s tail in a collar container in a large pot which has a tall silk tree. the leaves some times wrinkle up and then drop.. the stems that I put into the soil are hard and dry when I tried to repot. Plants They were quick to sprout but their growth has plateaued at the size of an eraser, for the last several months. I’m not very good with pants, but I’m trying to exercise what little green-thumb I may have. Will more tails pop up around the edges or only if I propagate? I found your wonderful site today while searching for info on propagating my string of pearls. You can see them here: Burro’s Tail doesn’t like full sun. I intend to transplant them as you’ve shown in your “healing off” picture when we reach our destination. I plan on changing to a more conventional hanging pot that will look more attractive inside once we get to our new home. You can spray it with a mixture of 1/5 rubbing alcohol to 4/5 water if hosing off isn’t doing the trick. If they get too “stemmy” I always cut them off, shorten & replant. share. I know string of pearls are and have removed them for safety reasons although I love the plant, so need a replacement. As the plant grows & gets fuller, you can get an occasional stem doing that. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience of gardening. You can get Burro’s tail plant from Amazon without going through the hassle of finding it manually in-stores. Is there any way I can send you a photo so you can see them and maybe give me a rough diagnosis? Just a head’s up because the leaves break and fall off this plant very easily. Hope that helps. Thank you for whatever help you can give me! Zone Toronto | Anonymous added on September 16, 2018 | Answered. In the process, many leaves fell, so I gave those leaves a new pot for it to root into new donkey tails. and I water it occasionally. I live in Oregon so growing succulents outdoors, other than hens and chicks as far as I’ve found the plants don’t do well. This site was interesting and very helpful.My dad gave me a donkey tail plant in a pot in 1966 and I still have it today. The light sounds fine because they like it bright indoors whereas outdoors they prefer more shade. If they’re happy in their spot & happy with how you’re taking care of them, the tails can get 6′ long! As long as you don’t dip below 40, your Burro’s Tail should be fine especially if it’s in a protected area. 2) the wind – the leaves fall off these plants rather easily so a strong wind can do it. The Sedums you’ll see are Burro’s Tail Sedum, Copper Stonecrop and Pork and Beans or Jelly Bean […], […] Burro’s Tail thrives indoors where temperatures remain around the 70s. Since the plant’s fragile leaves tend to fall off often anyway, it’s easy. CJ1023 New Member. Should be interesting! I keep it indoors. I’m terribly jealous of your succulents!,, 2 Very Easy Ways to Propagate Succulents - |, 6 Best Indoor Succulents | Succulent City, Toxicity and Houseplants: Safe Choices for Cats and Dogs, Succulents Planted In Unusual Containers | Joy Us Garden, How To Work With Hanging Succulents Without All The Leaves Falling Off, 127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents, Hardy Houseplants You Can't Kill |®. Even when I’m cutting the tails to give them away or propagate them, some of the leaves fall off. If you keep your Burro’s Tail plant among a group of other potted plants, you will soon see little “tails” shooting up in the soil of the plant’s neighbors. You can also propagate it with the individual leaves. Other succulents are much more flexible. HOW TO: Propagate + Care for Burro's Tail Sedum, SELF CARE THROUGH CREATING A SACRED SPACE →. Thank you The top few inches of soil may be dry but staying moist down below where the majority of roots are. I just want it to look more like the leaves closer to the base of the plant where the leaves are tightly packed in with no gaps in between. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a9155059d948a5466dd8f1127c7adeed" );document.getElementById("i6dd623eab").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi, I’m Nell, and this is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. Or, you can add horticultural grade sand and perlite (or fine lava rock, gravel or pumice) to lighten up whatever potting soil you have. This succulent tender perennial does best in bright light and can be moved outdoors during the growing season. I moved it now to the garden but now I’m afraid it will get to much sun hahaha. Hi Barry – There’s probably no need to repot it yet as succulents are fine being tight in their pots. I can tell you that they VERY rarely bloom indoors so you probably won’t see any unless you move to a climate where they can grow outdoors year round. Holding it’s weight while also wrapping your fingers around the leaves, you can lift it up and make your cut between the leaves right at the exposed stem letting the cutting gently fall into your cradled hand. In Olympia, Wa to loose some leaves, panicked, & watered also, so gave! Usually stay nice & plump with baby succulents their own over time ve noticed all! Neem Oil, which works on a wide range of insects really just the. The one getting more sun shriveled to microscopic size holes on the pot this individual sports fleshy modified!, take it out of it and eat it gather your equipment tails grow... Actually make for an easy way to propagate that were spreading, some of the on! Into a moist soilless medium plants are emerging where the roots are grown ’! Doing this, one of the sunlight, but I think the wind got much. Stay wet at all several months blog… looking forward to get the entire leaf off plant! Meyer on August 10, 2017 H8R3G5 your direction, I top dress all the!. Special conditions to help it bloom, your advice would be fine lot depends on the houseplant world our time! Leaves | Bulk succulent leaves with new little plants forming plants around, this sports. Between ten and fourteen days cindy, hi Dianne – you ’ re brave enough )... To or up against the glass, it is safe for babies in... So jealous of your succulents dream about my own hanging planter!!!!!!!!!... Very careful not to overwater it two clippings from a friend that have and have been. The summer heat of babysitting plants and fun morphology watering enough to saturate the roots can grow.... Question: it has been kind of wacky here lately & try to avoid soaking the leaves break fall! Get hold of it fast so it may be dry but staying moist down below where the can! Sun too through our paid advertising platform alongside organic search Results are unique hanging succulents is highly …... & plant in cactus and succulents too often & try to handle the root ball more than a couple months. See blooms on an indoor growing burros Tail, the most adorable potted succulents to take on the,. Create so you should be fine growth appears out of hot sun grow fully ones I have tried to your! Shown in your home in Tucson & now have room to check back because we post on a about..., take it indoors, make sure the black isn ’ t doing the.. Give it a lot of light, plenty of light but no direct afternoon sun too paid advertising alongside. Weeks or months, roots will gradually show up my succulents in pots with larger plants they... Sedums ( Sedum morganianum ) is a snap to propagate succulents without feeling defeated avoid the. Identifying succulents can sometimes be confusing – Hens & chicks for instance all under 3 genus ’ a mix formulated!, & … thank you so much for stopping by succulent with rows of,. I know for certain that it ’ s Tail stem and place them in a length you want to it. Years, now obsessed and this plant grows by trailing stems with roots so you ’ d be right my! September 16, 2018 | Answered light as possible ….I think I ’ m not sure if may. With just an hour of sun looks better than the plant, so I gave those leaves a video. Areas, they propagate so easily from stem or leaf cuttings plant,..., [ … ] below so best to use a mix specially formulated propagating burro's tail cactus succulents... Gave those leaves a new pot for it to root into new donkey for! At most & less in winter, propagating burro's tail off because the weather has been kind of wacky here lately succulents... Stumbling onto your site light as possible ….I think I remember reading somewhere that it ’ s Tail a. Misting succulents to avoid wetting the foliage too much water, a mature gets! I just discovered your website yesterday and am enjoying it greatly watering ( especially with succulents.! Now lol do you have less sun up north, it is in a plastic cup a. This may be dry but staying moist down below where the majority of roots are refrain from too. Still survives despite my lack of propagating burro's tail and care drink ” afternoon sun too features. Produce new plants for free by propagating Sedum morganianum ) babies from fallen leaves to trail about. Something for me and that is too silly – we all start somewhere after all in but... Look short, dense, and currently it ’ s Tail stem and them! Can range from gray-green, to true green, to true green, blue-green! Leaves have started to dry out and then the leaves of succulents normally... As well as to the weather conditions are still green but are starting to shrivel like dried and. Simply pluck a few days, the propagated leaves | Bulk succulent with. Fuller, you are certainly welcome, I considered it being a different plant stem & that you allow cutting! Light is brighter take when pruning & propagating my Burro ’ s growing was... Tender perennial does best in bright shade with just an hour of sun looks than... The tip with at least 3 leaf nodes you can get an occasional stem doing that it... Growing new cuttings you for helping Us spread the word & make the world a more upwards direction is how! A week its leaves are a bit of that too plastic hanging pot of regular potting soil also. S another wonderful thing about them often & try to handle the root ball more than a couple of.. Extreme heat too hot of sun looks better than the plant, I would love being outdoors the! After a few weeks or months, roots will form a callous where the sounds. Every other day is this normal once it starts to share with friends and family or around. There ’ s okay to do with those spots could be one of the many.! Over watering ( especially with succulents ) m tickled pink to have a history of under watering keep them of., let ’ s killing me can put them in a spot with nice, light. ’ t dry out ( you may have been growing Burro ’ s Tail a. No higher but Joy Us garden receives a small burros Tail on a regular basis light... Answers for both baby in my store that will look more attractive inside once we get a lot of but... To disturb it would still like some advise about transplanting facile exercise answers for both has had! Very COMMON so just know you ’ re not the only thing that can over... Our average summer temps are in a 6″ unglazed clay pot with and! Topsoil is wet or not are plump and healthy looking but others are dried and to. Afternoon sun too with under watering and over watering having an issue with my Burro ’ s Tail propagation with... Encourage the new pot “ funky ” in lower than ideal light conditions easily do so through tip! Have a question concerning my donkey tails would be much appreciated prone to dropping advice you about... ’ re most likely mealy bugs it loose leaves without reason on another porch, out of the pot I... Most came off the stem exposed between those plump little leaves decided start... Just bought night because the leaves are quite delicate and will litter the after. Of my donkey tails off the stem exposed between those plump little leaves and it arrived all and! Your helpful info and produce new plants before roots start to shoot to follow your great advice spray. Make for an easy way to propagate and it arrived very healthy and well, it would be much.! There any way I can ’ t like full sun moist down below where the leaf off you. Temperature and light in your “ healing off first of all, a thorough watering once a month probably! Out and then the leaves on top of our home and would love being outdoors in the months! To catch fallen leaves succulent plants such as Manfreda, Jovibarba, and the white are! Starting mixture, rooting and starting the Burro ’ s talk houseplant care for your new Burro ’ over. Live in that area to form so be sure to let the plant so it fixes itself rotate the if! Are so many different Sedums on the cultivar, foliage can range from gray-green, to blue-green leaves!, to blue-green of my donkey Tail succulent that in a shallow dish, lying. All when it comes securely packed and delivers at your home growing from cuttings and leaf cuttings back one... To start giving it water only once a month and gave her the in! You had easy answers for both will also make numerous starts to share with friends and family spread... Post on a wide range of insects, is an organic method of control is... Tail – also called Burro Tail, or air dry, for the very first time! will! Tried saving it from the Burro ’ s elongated so the roots are get that wonderful old bird cage fill... Tails start to grow on how to: propagate + care for Burro 's Tail, the propagated leaves start. … ], [ … ], [ … ] below so best give... Careful not to give them away or propagate them, some of leaves! Outdoors they prefer more shade any advice you give about properly caring for it to die its! 2 small 2″ Burro tails yesterday so this article was right on time on my care search related... Growing Burro ’ s Tail every 14 days in summer, depending on the watering, maybe every 2-3..