YTASYA deals with the new markets with the greatest respect for the values, culture and the environment of the Countries which it works in.
All the projects that we develop, are always designed with a view to sustainable growth and social responsibility.

One goal of our company is to share knowledge and expertise with local business partners, developing projects that provide training courses often studied in accordance with the institutions and the local universities.

YTASYA is a company that wants to give its modest contribution to the realization of a more ethical system of social responsibility to help developing Countries to achieve higher levels of economic stability. For this purpose, we studied an initiative to create a kind of cooperation between the Ghana’s farmers, able to develop more skills and more awareness on the business opportunities. We presented our study to Professor Luciani of Carità Politica, who welcomed our proposal and, besides bringing it to the attention of the Ghana’s Embassy accredited at the Holy See, included it in his book Cooperazione Internazionale in Agricoltura which will be presented at the EXPO.